Engel Burman has withdrawn its proposal to build a 260-unit condo development in Greenlawn, while the company seeks further input from the community. 

The move comes after the Huntington Planning Board was expected to reject the plan at its meeting Wednesday evening, according to a draft resolution on the board’s website. 

The project, which requires a zoning change, would transform the 24-acre Greenlawn Equestrian Center, located on Wood Avenue just north of Pulaski Road opposite the Greenlawn Plaza shopping center, into a condo community called The Seasons at Greenlawn. The property is currently zoned to accommodate 19 single-family homes. 

“There has not been a single residential development in our portfolio where we did not have a thoughtful, comprehensive, and productive discussion with the community before submitting a proposal for governmental review and approval,” Engel Burman principal Steven Krieger said in a written statement. “In Greenlawn, we are in the throes of doing exactly that and our decision to postpone a hearing allows us more time to review the community’s comments and input and further engage our neighbors.” 

According to the planning board’s draft resolution that would have been presented for discussion Wednesday evening, the condo proposal “has an urban character which does not match the suburban character of the neighborhood.” The resolution also raises concerns about increased traffic and the lack of open space in the plan. 

However, the developer says a traffic survey undertaken in coordination with the Suffolk County Department of Public Works, included an analysis that local traffic can accommodate vehicles that would come from the proposed community and any increase was determined to be diminutive, according to the statement. 

The proposed residential structures would be two stories, which the developer says is consistent with neighboring homes. The plan includes 225 feet and 270 feet setbacks from Pulaski Road to the closest residential building. 

The developer will be resubmitting its Greenlawn plan after gathering additional comments from the surrounding community. 

“Our role to review the comments and engage our Greenlawn neighbors is consistent with who we are as a Long Island developer, our long-standing corporate culture, and our commitment to communities where we build,” Krieger said. 

Article: https://libn.com/2022/10/12/developer-pulls-proposal-for-greenlawn-multifamily-project/

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